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 Hello! Once again, I am TERRIBLY sorry for not updating as much as I should. School has been extremely hectic and stressful for the month of November. I can't wait for Christmas break!

So I really love this flower crown that I got! It really complemented my top which had the exact same shade of light blue and light pink!

Since my agenda for that day was to watch Romeo & Juliet, the first romantic thing that I could think of were flowers and pastel colors. So I decided to go for this adorable multi-colrored cropped pastel sweater that has a huge "PINK" lettering on the front. My bottoms may look like a skirt at first, but it's actually a skort! No oops moments there! And I decided to take my floral booties out for a spin to match my flower crown.
As for Romeo & Juliet, Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth did really great, but the execution of the story was just meh. But I guess it's good if you're a Steinfeld fan like me! 

Anyway, another busy week's coming up ahead with research paper and exams coming up. Thanks for staying with me <3 Have a great week everyone!! 

P.S. Sorry for the low quality of the pictures!

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  1. I've been dying to wear one of these flower headbands but my head is honestly just wayyy too big to draw more attention to it lol. You look adorable!

    *Lots of Love from IFB :D

    Maggie A

    1. Aww thank you Maggie! :) Message me on IFB and I can help you style your way around it if you really want to wear a flower crown :)

  2. Super cute outfit!! Looks very nice together, the colors are just perfect!

    <3 Colleen


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