Australia Diaries (Part 2)

6:47 AM

Hi guys! So, this is Part 2 of my "Australia Diaries", and the agenda for that day was exploring more of the city centre and visiting some famous landmarks that can only be found in Sydney. 
The first thing I saw in the morning as I got out of the hotel was a beautiful "air sign" in the sky, promoting "Rise movie". I didn't get to catch the helicopter doing its job, but it was pretty amazing that it didn't fade for quite a long period of time.
We got a day pass for unlimited access to the train and ferry rides, that would take us to different places in the city. The railway system in Sydney is really efficient, and the trains had AMAZING seats.

Another thing that I just had to mention is the fact that I literally toted my Instax everywhere! My neck ached for the duration of the trip, but it was totally worth it since I got to capture a lot of beautiful images! 

Our first stop was the Sydney Harbour, to get a nice view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I got to snap this photo, and I'm please to have at least tried to capture and give justice to the breathtaking view. 

And of course, the famous Sydney Opera House! This was my view from the ferry that took us to the island where Manly Beach is. The architecture from afar is just beautiful!

We only had about 30 minutes in the Aquatic Wildlife Centre, so I rushed straight to the penguins! They were so tiny and ABSOLUTELY adorable. Shame I didn't get to feed them :( 

I am absolutely obsessed with these shoes!! They are so lightweight and comfortable, yet the platform gives an extra height boost and it's absolutely aesthetically pleasing.

Since it was quite warm during the afternoon, my outfit consisted of a white pineapple cropped top, a black laced crop top (under), a midi mesh skirt, my favourite pair of white sandals, and my trusty sling bag. I also brought my floral jacket (tied around the strap of my bag), in case it got a bit colder in the evening.

Boy was I glad that I brought that jacket! The temperature dropped from 26 degrees to 16 degrees! I was FREEZING and we all literally jogged back to the railway station.

Although the unpredictable weather is something I'm not too keen on, I absolutely loved going around the city! Sydney is such a beautiful and photogenic place, and I'm so blessed to be able to experience a wonderful tour of it. I'll be posting the last part of my Australia Diaries soon (huhu) so stay tuned!

Cheska x

Top & Skirt: Bangkok
Shoes: huemanila
Jacket: Forever 21

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