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4:49 AM

Hi guys! It's FINALLY the last week of school before my Christmas break starts, and my brain's already on break mode. Not a good thing when you have a bajillion requirements to  do and a lot of tests to take. Just thinking about my schedule this week makes me want to curl up in a ball and stay in bed til Friday. However, I gotta power through this week to reach that much awaited break!
I wanted to look casual but put-together, so I decided to wear my trusty floral romper (plus points for this one cause I love daisies!). I paired it with my favourite white sling bag and white sneakers! 
The cutout at the back is A+ too! 

Since it was raining and got a bit cold in the evening, I was so so happy that I decided to bring my favourite denim polo. 

Can I just take a moment of appreciation for this background!! Yes, the white wall is a classic, but I LOVE how the red floor just adds a POP of colour. It makes the overall shot look 10x more interesting.

I don't usually wear my jackets like this LOL but it looks nice casually draped over the shoulder. However, it is a bit of a drag when you're casually walking and it slips off every 5 seconds. However, this one managed to stay put so plus points for this denim polo!

FINALLY got to cleaning my white sneakers! They've been a mix of white + random markings for a long time, but I finally had them washed and YAY!! It's white again.
This shot was taken indoors, and I LOVE how the photo turned out. The best term I can think of is "soft grunge" for the vibe of this photo. I might consider taking more of these for future posts.

So I had a VERY fun weekend, as my friends from Austria came for a visit, and we took them around Metro Manila! I was pretty drained and slept the whole day on Sunday, but it was all worth it! I'm mentally preparing myself for the week to come, but Christmas break is one of my main motivations to keep going! I just hope I'll make it til then HAHA.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed shooting and writing it! Have a lovely week everyone :)

Cheska x

Romper: Primark
Denim Polo: H&M
Shoes: Primark

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