Floral Overload

5:21 AM

Hi guys! I finally had time to post these pictures! I have about 10 days off from school due to my diagnosis of German measles :( I've been feeling a bit weak for the past few days, but I am happy to say that I'm recovering pretty fast! :) But if you know me really well, I really hate being absent because I get anxious about the lessons I'm missing! But then again I remind myself not to stress about stuff that I don't have control over.
Anyway, these shots were taken last Sunday for my parents' 20-something anniversary! :) I decided to wear something really romantic but I didn't want to wear something frilly, pink, or overly sweet (basically not to look like a human fairy!)

I decided to go for this Floral Gray Sweater from H&M (which is a gift from my best friend, Dana), Burgundy Floral Print Leggings, and my Cherry Red Dr. Martens! A sweater + leggings + boots combo is always a no-fail formula for an effortless outfit that suits the cold weather we've been having lately in the Philippines!

AAAND as usual, I always manage to sneak in a silly pose hihi
Thank you for taking the time to read this short post, and I hope that I can get back on my feet as soon as possible to finish all the requirements I need to do in order to graduate! I hope y'all can pray for my fast recovery too :) Have a lovely weekend!

Cheska xx

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