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Hi guys! So I decided to face my fears and do a shoot in (GASP) school. Although I was VERY conscious about getting stares from people, I realised that no one actually seemed to be staring or looking at me weirdly. So yes, I can say that my fear of doing a shoot in school has finally been conquered!

As you can see, the letters printed on my shirt spells out the word "Bae". Bae, as I understand it, is used as a form of endearment towards someone you're in a relationship with, or just to anyone in general. I honestly use "bae" in a joking manner, because:

1. I am not in an official romantic relationship with anyone.
2. I don't think I'll ever use this word seriously when I am going to be in a relationship with anyone.

I use the term for my close friends and my celeb crushes, but never in a serious way. Probably more of a "omg Hannah you're my #1 bae xoxo love u 4ever" context. 

Anyway, I got the "Bae" shirt because I just LOVE how they used the Barbie font & text colour <3 I'm not a major Barbie fan but it's undeniably adorable.

Idk man I like causally sitting on rocks and I totally stole this pose from my bae, Chynna (who takes most of my blog photos).

And of course, I just HAD to pair it with something as eye-catching in a fun print as well. Of course my high-waisted Simpsons shorts fits the criteria! It's equally adorable (but in a totally different way).

This week is getting better as each day passes by, and I'm really excited for the weekend! Lots of events coming up and more time to catch up on my sleep.

So anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I also hope everyone's having a great week so far, and I hope that everyone will have a good weekend ahead of them!

Cheska x

Top: Seashop
Bottoms: Thrift Store
Sneakers: Primark

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  1. where oh where did you get those shorts and for how much?!

    this is why i love thrift shops. ^.^

    1. Hi Issa!! HAHA you can personally message me about it :)

      Yesss I love them too! This pair was DIY'd though :)


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