2:52 AM

Hi guys! It's been a fun and nostalgic week for me, since it's my last one with my batchmates. Although the graduation practices are extremely um not so entertaining, I take every chance I get to spend every single moment with my friends and batchmates. 

My agenda for today was to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier! It was pretty good!

Since I wanted to go for a casual look, I pulled out my black muscle tee, my Bart shorts, plaid button down, and my trusty Converse! 

I'm sorry if this blog post is really short, but I have to prepare my stuff for my graduation tomorrow! I can't believe I'm finally graduating from high school! I can't wait for all the summer adventures I'm bound to have and of course I'll keep you guys posted! Have a happy weekeend :)

Cheska xx

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  1. Thats a cute look. you have a nice blog.



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