Australia Diaries (Part 3)

10:24 PM

This is the third and final post in my "Australian Diaries" :( So I combined 2 days worth of pictures since my camera died and I had to use my phone for the last 2 days, so I am also sorry for the inconsistency in the quality of the photos. Anyway, these pictures were taken in Melbourne; our last stop for the trip.

Since the weather in Melbourne is a tad bit colder than Sydney, I had to bring out the pants and a few layers. My first outfit consists of a cream blouse, black overalls, and my trusty pair of Converse shoes. It might be quite odd to see that there's only one strap from my overalls, but I had no choice since I broke the button of the right area (oops). I actually ended up liking the one-strapped look though!

We decided to take a 4 hour road trip to "The 12 Apostles", and we passed a lot of scenic views along the way. The beach areas were ultimately divine! I wanted to take a dip, but the weather did not permit me to do so. The temperature dropped to about 12 degrees that day, hence the layering of my outfit.

Since it was really chilly, I decided to wear a pastel pink and blue sweater underneath my leather overalls skirt. I paired it with a beautiful cream and black aztec cardigan/shawl/blanket. The texture of this is so divine and it keeps me ultimately warm. And of course, my FAVOURITE part of this outfit were the cat stockings. I've never gotten a chance to wear them in the Philippines since I'd probably melt, so this was the perfect opportunity to bring them out. 

This trip was a refreshing and productive one, and I'm so blessed to have been able to visit this lovely country. I'd definitely want to go back again!

So I hope you guys enjoyed my Australia Diaries. I hope you all had a wonderful week!

Cheska x

First Outfit:
Top: Forever 21
Overalls: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse

Second Outfit:
Sweater: Bangkok
Overalls: Factorie
Sweater: H&M
Cat Stockings: Harajuku Shopping Complex

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  1. Love the cat stockings! Australia suits you! :)

    1. Thank you very much! It's such a beautiful place :)


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