First Taste of Summer

8:17 AM

Hi guys! Wow, I haven't posted for a very looooong time! It's been really busy with finals and all the requirements needed for graduation. But I'm happy to say that I did pretty well in all of my finals! It's practically not summer yet because of all the graduation practices we're having, but I guess the half-days we have in school are good enough.

It's been extremely hot lately, so i was DYING to wear something really light and cool on my body. I decided to go for this really cute sheer floral tie-thingy (sorry idk what to call it) blouse and floral origami shorts! Paired with my trusty flats + my favorite snapback!

I was admittedly too lazy to put anything decent together, but I guess this worked out pretty well!

Okay I literally have no idea as to what kind of poses I'm trying to do in those 2 photos up there so don't mind that haha

I am IN LOVE with these origami shorts! My parents got them for me from their recent Europe trip, and it's from a brand called Lefties which is owned by the people who own Zara. So yeah, pretty cool stuff!

I know I haven't updated in such a long time, but since I have LOADS more free time now I will try as much as possible to update more :) Thank you and hope you all have a great great week ahead!

xx Cheska

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