I'm Back!

12:24 AM

Hello guys! I am terribly sorry for not updating for a REALLY really long time! I've been busy with my studies, as I am now a college student. However, I decided that it would be such a shame to let this blog that I have started go to waste, so I have decided to revive it again! As a treat, here are some of the outfits that I wasn't able to publish on my blog. 

If you guys have noticed, there has been a slight change in  my hair colour! I've decided to dye it to a shade of dark brown with light brown highlights. Here are some of the pictures of my hair after I've decided to have it coloured.

The job was done by Color My Hair Manila, and the results were amazing!

I'm on sembreak right now, and I have more than enough time to update my blog! I'll be going on a trip to Sydney and Melbourne for about a week, so expect to see more posts! 

Cheska x

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