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Hey guys! My first week of summer was pretty eventful, and I'm stoked for my upcoming plans for the next 2 weeks. I'm really trying to make the most out of my mini-summer before the official semester starts. By that time, I probably won't have the freedom to indulge in a lot of things that aren't school-related, so I'm trying to fit all the things I want to do with the last few bits of free time that I have.

I decided to wear this outfit for a night out with my friends, and I love how the color palette looks so pleasing to the eyes. Although my beloved black x white combo can never be rivalled, white x blue is probably a close second. I love how fresh and easy it is on the eyes, and it's just really really pretty to look at.
Although I have been wearing printed pants for a while now, I still love how it can bring a lot of oomph to what would have been a boring outfit. I'm also loving this particular top right now because I really love the cut in the neckline and sleeve area. I feel like this kind of sleeveless top flatters my body type the best.

Hi mom, I want this chair for Christmas. I'm only half joking.

(c) Alicia Antonio

I have watched Paper Towns for about 3 times now! Although not a lot of people LOVE it, I certainly do! I can't really put into words as to why I love the movie so much, but I just do haha! Cara was pretty good, but Nat Wolff is slowly growing on me. If you did not like the book, I honestly think the movie would be more enjoyable. I myself did not like the book, but the movie adaptation was A+ for me. So if you haven't watched it yet, I suggest that you do!

All these lovely photos were once again taken by Alicia Antonio! I posted her links in my previous post, but I'll leave them down below again so you can check out more of her works!

I hope you guys had a lovely week, and thank you for reading this post! I hope you guys enjoyed it too! Stay tuned for the next one! :)

Cheska x

Top: Zara
Pants: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Nike

Alicia Antonio's Links: 

Website: http://aboutalicia.tumblr.com

Instagram: @wishiantonio

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  1. Hey there! We have the same surnames .. i wonder if we're related hihi
    I love your style btw =)


    1. Thank you very much! And yeah, I noticed that too :) Have a great day!


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