Black Can Go A Long Way

1:40 AM

Hello! Exams are finally over and I can finally get my sleep and sanity back! So my agenda for today was to have my photoshoot taken for my yearbook! Posing in my uniform and gala made me feel a wee bit nostalgic. Time does fly by quite fast when you're in high school!
Since I wanted to go for something that didn't really require much effort to put together but still looked presentable, I opted to go for a black tank, high-waisted denim cut-offs, black sneaker wedges, and a snapback! 
JUST SAYING snapbacks have been my go-to for headwear for the past few weeks, because it actually fits my face shape really well! And it's quite easy to pair with too plus it can add just that extra oomph you need for that outfit!

Okay, I just had to share these selfies ehem photos because I really loved what the makeup artist did to my face! The makeup she used on me was very light, but it created a really huge impact and made me look and feel really pretty! So props to this make-up artist! Sadly I wasn't able to get her name or calling card :(

Anyway that's it for today! Thanks for staying with me and I'll keep you all posted. Have a great week ahead guys! xx

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality of my photos, I was in a rush when I took them! 

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