9:34 AM

Hey guys! I hope everyone's enjoying the holiday season so far! I now have time to post more due to the Christmas break (yay!). So my agenda for today was to attend the gig of my  brother's band in Tagaytay. 

And yes I am wearing pants! I admittedly am more of a shorts girl, since pants are really heavy on the legs for me. However, I thought it would be wise to throw on some pants 'cause the weather right now is quite colder than the usual.  

I decided to pair my overalls with a checkered black and white shirt (doesn't it remind you of like a car racing event?) and my black "Vogue" statement beanie.

Boy am I glad that I brought this floral jacket along! It was really chilly once we got there, and I DO NOT regret wearing pants at all.

These were a couple of shots of my brother and his band called Segatron! They were pretty awesome (I promise, no bias at all!) Check out and like their Facebook page!

Anyway, I hope everyone's doing great so far! Have a great weekend <3

Cheska xx

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