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4:17 AM

Hey guys! Hell week month has been well, extremely hellish. I seem to be drowning under all the papers due on this day, upcoming tests and a play next week, and the list just goes on and on. I rest in the thought that summer is just 2 weeks away. 

The heat has been INTENSE for the past weeks, and I can barely walk anywhere without sweating or getting attacked by the powerful rays of the sun. Since my campus is pretty open without any aircon, the heat can really be felt no matter where you go. So I would like to thank my school in advance for giving me an unplanned tan. 

I've been wearing light-colored clothing for the past few days, since it somehow helps me cope with the heat. I also avoid tight clothing as much as possible, and I usually go for loose shirts or muscle tees. 

AAAND hopefully that's going to be me by the end of this month.

So honestly February and the first half of March haven't been my best days. However, I feel like I'm going through a "filtering" process, wherein I'm learning to cut out the things in my life that are unnecessary or does not make me grow as a person. This can mean habits, people, etc. I chose to focus instead on the things that did make me happy, and so far my state of mind is improving.

My weeks have been pretty eventful, and I hope that you guys had eventful ones too. I hope that you guys enjoyed this post, and that the rest of the week will be an awesome one!

Cheska x

Top: Lefties
Bandeau: Primark
Shorts: Billabong
Shoes: Converse

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