Hawaii Diaries: Day 1

2:04 AM

Hey guys! I'm so so sorry for not updating for a really long time! I was busy studying for my exams and finishing all my requirements, but I can promise you guys that I will be posting more this summer! And I am so happy to finally be able to say that I survived my first year in college (YAY!).

Anyway, I am in Hawaii right now for a much needed vacation. I am LOVING the place so far, and it's only been a day! I want to share some photos with you guys as a type of walkthrough of what I did for the day.

Oh and that picture up there is me before boarding the plane. Look how gloomy and depressed I was before Hawaii. Haha I was just being dramatic but you get the idea.

This was the outfit I planned to wear for the day, since it was quite hot and the sun felt like it was stabbing my skin. I love this white lace top and denim shorts combo, since it's really comfortable and cute yet manages to keep me from melting. I also paired it with black sunnies and a fedora (which I do not have a picture of me wearing since the wind kept blowing it off huhu). And of course, the bikini I was planning to wear is also seen in this picture.

I absolutely love the Waikiki strip! It's perfect for taking photos and literally all the shops I love are located there!

I chose to wear my floral high waisted ish bikini, and I love this set because it has a vintage-y feel to it. It has a higher waist than most of my bikini bottoms plus the print reminds me of my grandma's curtains!

Waikiki beach was quite a pretty sight, and I did TRY to swim. I really did. However, it was high tide and the waves were on a different level. It was conducive for surfing, but definitely not for swimming. I think I almost drowned like 10 times. Nevertheless, I had quite a lot of fun!

I'm so happy that my dad had a random craving for KFC, because we ended up going to King's Village. It's such a cute place!

I decided to change my outfit since I REALLY dislike wearing damp clothes with random bits of sand in them. I just went for my yellow floral top and denim shorts with (surprise, surprise), flip flops! My friends and family know that I absolutely dislike wearing flip-flops, but I guess some kind of Hawaiian magic is changing that. I'm starting to love the casual and comfy feel of flip-flops!

That's it for today, but I'm really excited to get to explore Hawaii more! Once again, I'm really sorry for not updating in like forever. But summer will hopefully give me more time to update you guys! And I'm also sorry for the inconsistency of the quality of the photos, as most of them had different filters and lighting.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I hope you keep checking back for updates on my trip! :) Have a great summer!

Cheska x

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