Hipster Run

3:26 AM

TERRIBLY sorry for the long hiatus!! Been busy with school and all. Trying to get good grades and studying for the college entrance exams really took a toll on my free time, but I'm glad to have had a 6-day weekend!!

So my cousin came over today, and since we were extremely bored, we decided to have a photoshoot!! 

 I styled her for this, and it's quite amusing to see how she would look like in my clothes. And here are the results! :) 

And also! I've been raving about this liquid lip stain from Lush! The color's absolutely adorable, brightens up the face, and it's really light on the lips! Reminds me of cotton candy (and tastes like it too).

Hope you enjoy them, and have a great week ahead! I promise to try to post more often from now on :) 

Credits to my brother, Gelo Acosta for taking the wonderful photos! :) 

Top: Topshop
Vest: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo 

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