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Hey guys! Here in the Philippines, we have a Metro Manila Film Festival starting from December 25 and ends some time in January. I watched the movie 10,000 hours, and it was one hella good movie! It's refreshing to see how Filipino producers are shaking things up in the film industry. 
Since it was a casual affair, I went for something comfortable. I unintentionally pegged Kylie Jenner for this look, hence the blog post title. 

 As you can see, she has the black top, shorts, and plaid shirt around the waist look.

So for MY look, I decided to go for a black v-neck top (these things are really versatile!), plaid shorts, my trusty Converse, and a floral snapback.
If you look closely at the snapback, you can see that there's a cat right smack in the center! Now who can resist that??
Another unique element of my outfit were these shorts. At first glance, you might think that I tied a plaid shirt around it. But actually, those supposedly arm handles come with shorts! Convenience at its finest.

The plaid shirt tied around the waist is a growing fashion trend now, and I absolutely love it! 
Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

Cheska xx

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