4:09 AM

Hey guys! I'm finally putting up a way long overdue blog post! I finally found the time to post something due to the APEC week. I love how I look extremely calm and not stressed at all in these photos, because it definitely does not show how I feel inside. Since the sem is ending in about 3 weeks, there are a TON of requirements that I need to fulfil for all my subjects. The things that are getting me by are my family, friends, and the promise of a long break!

I decided to wear the denim romper that I've had since I was about 12. It's quite weird how it fits me better now, and it's even a lot more loose than it was before. I didn't know how to style this piece before, but I'm so glad that I kept it in my closet, since it's perfect for extremely hot days + it's still stylish in my opinion.

I've been collaborating with some people lately, so stay tuned for the next posts! They're extremely talented and I'd love it if all of you could see their work! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I wish everyone an amazing week ahead!

Cheska x

Romper: Just G
Shoes: Nike
Cardigan: H&M

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