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Hi guys! I just wanted to share another set of photos from my collaboration with Yuri! This is probably the most "Cheska" outfit that I've been wearing lately. Lazy Cheska would grab a white shirt, culottes, white sneakers, and head out the door in a flash. Since it's the middle of the semester, the workload for school is becoming pretty intense. Hence the lazy, "I literally just woke up" outfits. I can't say I'm not loving the combinations that I get though! 

I also love how the gritty feel of the location (yes, it's a parking lot!) is being contrasted by the "dramatic" lighting that we got from the light peeking in through the windows. The best photos usually come from unexpected location finds!

Photo: Yuri Tsumura Photography
Editing: Cheska Acosta 

Photo: Yuri Tsumura Photography
Editing: Cheska Acosta 

This area of the parking lot (yep still the parking!) provided a clean background that perfectly matched the outfit I was wearing. I'm in love with how they all tie in seamlessly together. Although I did risk getting run over by cars (oops), I'm really happy with the shots that we got! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I've been extremely inspired to work on a lot of things lately, and I hope everyone is too!

Stay tuned for the next post!

Cheska x

Photo and Editing: Yuri Tsumura Photography
(unless indicated otherwise)

Top: wildfoxph
Bottoms: Zara
Shoes: Adidas

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