Hey, Cat Valentine!

2:37 AM

Hey guys! So as you can see, today's outfit consists of a denim bustier, a floral jacket, a light pink flowy skirt, and black boot wedges!

I'm off to have a movie date with my dad and my brother, and I guess this is my version of  going for a casual but girly look.

I love how the denim bustier gives a vintage touch to the outfit, and how the black boot wedges temper the sweetness of the skirt and the floral jacket.

My inspiration for this outfit is actually Ariana Grande-ish (hence the title), since she always tends to wear bustiers, flowy skirts, florals, and pastel colors.

So yay!! That was my first official outfit post. Have a happy weekend everyone! :)
Top: Topshop
Skirt: Forever 21
Jacker: Forever 21
Wedge Boots: Aldo 

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