Toughing Up Velvet

8:44 AM

Hey guys! I'm quite in a perky mood because of the 3-day holiday. School's been quite taxing lately, and it's wonderful to just stop and get a breather from everything. To start off the long weekend, I went out to see World War Z with some of my friends, and boy were the varied reactions from the audience quite amusing!

So for today's look, I went for a Black Velvet Top with studs, my DIY high-waisted denim shorts, and black flats with hints of sparkle on them.

Since today's agenda was a pretty casual affair, I decided to go for a pretty casual outfit. 

I absolutely ADORE this black velvet top with studs on them, because first of all it's absolutely versatile. It could be worn for casual and semi-formal occasions and still manage to look quite pretty! And I absolutely love the color black and studs, so this shirt is a win for me!
I decided to go for my high-waisted denim distressed shorts with matching studs, to add the casual vibe to the look. Denim, high-waisted, and studs=another win for me!
And finally, some subtly sparkly black flats to add a bit of pizzaz to the outfit! Casual yet noticeable. Another big win! I also decided to go for flats because my feet were quite bruised form the heels I had to wear for our division mass in school. Thank god for flats! Such lifesavers. 

I hope to be posting more looks soon, since it is the weekend and weekends are my only avenue to dress up. Have a wonderful Friday everybody! :)

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