New Beginnings

4:55 AM

Hi guys! So today was my first day back in school, and it was actually not that bad! I had a great time catching up with my friends, and I guess the only downside was the amount of schoolwork that was piled on us. Well, the countdown begins for summer! I swear, it's the main thing that keeps me going.

So for the first school day of the new year, I decided to go for a "basic", but still stylish, outfit. I wore a black and white striped top, denim high waisted shorts, and black sneakers. 

I normally wouldn't include awkward photos like this, but if you look closely at my right hand (from your perspective), it has a double exposure effect thingy! This rarely happens when I shoot with my phone, so I guess this rare photo needed to be shared.

So basically, there are 2 new-ish things about my photos for this post. One of them would be the way the photos are shot! These photos were taken by my good friend, and she put her own style into taking the photos. Although there were standard white wall pictures, she displayed her creativity by moving me around in different backgrounds and locations. And I LOVED the overall result!

Another new thing I guess, is that this is an outdoor shoot, AND I RARELY do an outdoor shoot. Outdoor shoot meaning a pictures that are taken outside of the confines of my own building haha! 

I just love how we used the background as an accessory for my outfit! It really brought out the good points of the individual pieces and brought them together to create a disordered sense of harmony. 

ANYWAY, I can't publish this post without raving about the top and shorts that I got recently. I've been looking for a perfect pair of high waisted shorts, and I'm happy to say that I've found one that fits me perfectly! And I also love how simple yet effective the top is, because the fit is just DIVINE. Another great find of mine was in my own shoe closet! I can't believe these black sneakers have been hiding in there for so long! 

I obviously love this pole thingy or whatever it's called haha!

Although there are already a lot of requirements being asked of for my subjects, I'm happy to say that I have a lot to look forward to for this month! I hope everyone's starting the week right, because I'm happy to say that I started mine right.

Have a great week ahead and stay positive everyone!

Cheska x

(c) Anna Cayco

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