Mickey & Friends

4:34 AM

Hi guys! The weather was just perfect today, so I decided to wear my "Mickey & Friends" shirt that would've been too hot to wear on a normal day. Even though the sun was shining really bright, the weather wasn't humid at all! Such a nice change from the usual Manila weather.

OKAY, I know I spent like one paragraph talking about the weather but seriously, it was just perfect! Okay, moving on from the weather!! If you're wondering if the bag you're seeing on the left side is my school bag then you're absolutely right! That's the only bag I bring to school, mainly because I'm too lazy to actually fix my stuff yikes! Or for a nicer reason, this bag is really durable and can fit all my random stuff inside!

I can't believe I've forgotten about how wonderful these flouncy shorts are! It gives off a bouncy feel of a skirt without fear of random gusts of wind blowing it up to reveal something I wouldn't want to be seen haha! And I guess, it felt right to pair something flouncy with something Disney, but I made sure to wear a dark colour to tone down the playfulness of the top.

Can't believe I haven't seen the potential of this wonderful door! Seriously, it's probably gonna be seen in future posts since I'm kinda obsessed with it already.

Like, really obsessed with it.

These, these, these are my feet (if you get this reference, you're awesome).

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the long weekend due to the papal visit! I'd love to see Pope Francis cause he's a REALLY cool pope, but it's quite impossible to do that due to the large number of people who are lining up to see him.

I have a lot in store for me this week, but I hope to catch up on some sleep since I've been getting sick for the past few days. I hope to get back in tip-top shape really soon, since midterms and other requirements are coming up! And of course, The 1975's concert is already next week eeeep!! So far I'm having a pretty steady week, and I hope you guys are having a great one! Stay tuned for the next post!

Cheska x

Top: Primark
Bottoms: Bazaar
Shoes: SM Department Store
(c) Anna Cayco

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