Hello 2015

7:06 PM

Hey guys! So 2014 was DEFINITELY one eventful year! So much has happened in my life, and I'm proud to say that I've accomplished a lot this year. It may be as small as conquering my fear of roller coasters to graduating from High School. A lot of changes have happened too, and although some of them seemed to not be in my favour, I now understand that these changes happened for a reason. And of course, this year was the year that I FINALLY revived and became more active in blogging.

Although I am still constantly carving my own personal style, I'm happy to say that I think I'm slowly getting there. I've been trying a bajillion things, but more or less I know what works for me and what doesn't.

So THIS was the last outfit I wore for 2014. I love how it's such a "clean" look due to the all white palette of the outfit. I also love how the stripes on my sleeve matches with my belt and the edges of my bag. I thought this was a perfect outfit to bring in the new year, since white represents something clean or pure. And 2015 is the year wherein I want to start with a clean slate and reinvent myself to achieve Cheska 2.0. 

One of my goals for 2015 is to ignite the artistic fire inside me. I want to channel my doodling and sketching into something I love, which is fashion! So I got this book called "624 Fashion Things To Draw" and I just LOVE how creative the concepts and ideas are inside! I have yet to fill it up, but can't wait to get started!

Another goal of mine is to start exercising more! Although I do want to shed a few pounds, I am mainly doing it for health reasons. So I stocked up on a few essentials, and although the number 1 priority is for the equipment to be functional, it doesn't hurt for it to be aesthetically pleasing! I believe it motivates me to exercise, cause who wants to waste pretty things??

AANND I'm happy to say that I've achieved that goal on the second day of 2014! Here's a picture of me and my mom in jogging attire with matching shoes! My family completely supports this healthy resolution of mine, and I'm happy to say it has become a part of their list too.

So 2014 was a pretty hard year to top, but I have a good feeling that 2015 is ready to take on the challenge. I hope everyone started their year right, and here's to an AWESOME year ahead of us!

Cheska x

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