Hawaii Diaries: Day 3

1:57 AM

Hey guys! So Hawaii has been extremely great to me so far, and I'm loving every second of this trip! Our agenda for today was to visit Pearl Harbor and travel to Oahu.

I decided to pair my palazzo pants with a black bralette and black monochrome shoes! I absolutely LOVE this pair, because it makes me look a bit taller, and I just love how breezy and light it feels. It's so comfortable but it manages to pull the look together.

The view of the bay area in this place is beautiful! 

This quote is a beautiful reminder of how we shouldn't waste the freedom we have today, because people before fought really hard to gain it. 

Visiting Pearl Harbour was like taking a trip back to my grade school history. The place was beautiful, but the guides were extremely informative too. 

This photo was taken in the resort that we are staying in, and I love how peaceful it is. It's a sharp contrast to Waikiki, as this place is more rustic. 

It's a bit cool here at night, so I decided to throw on this black knit sweater with hearts on it. It's a really cute cover-up! 

Our deck also gives us a beautiful mountain view! 

Although I am admittedly a city girl, I really do love it here! I can't wait to try some water activities tomorrow!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. I'm having a lovely stay so far, and I hope everyone's been having a great week! Stay tuned for the next post!

Cheska x

Bralette: Forever 21
Pants: Ross
Shoes: huemanila
Knit Sweater: Japanese stall

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