Hawaii Diaries: Day 4

12:44 AM

Hey guys! Today was quite an eventful yet relaxing day, as it was my first time to try snorkelling! I woke up well-rested, and I couldn't wait to finally get to do some water activities. 

I LOVE this set from Topshop. I love high-waisted bottoms, and the top gives full coverage (so yay for no nip-slips!). This is an important thing to consider when doing water activities. Doesn't hurt that it comes in a pretty color too!

I decided to slip on this beautiful orange patterned cropped top for extra warmth, since the area for snorkelling was quite cold.

A view of the reef from above! So beautiful!

The mountains + the sea = paradise.

We decided to visit the nearest "beach", however, we found out that swimming was not encouraged there due to the strong current (boo!!). That didn't stop me from taking pictures of the beautiful place! I also decided to change into my galaxy printed bikini and acid wash shorts!

The view is just DIVINE!

I'm really glad I decided to try snorkelling today. It's one thing to check off my bucket list, and it is a completely different world down there. I was extremely terrified at first, but that feeling dissipated when I got the hang of it. I would definitely go for a second round!

Sadly, I'm leaving this beautiful place tomorrow and going back to the town centre. I've done so many things in this place that I have enjoyed, and I also discovered a lot of things about myself. I honestly do not want to leave this island.

Anyway, I hope everyone's having an awesome week so far! Stay tuned for the last (huhu) part of my Hawaii diaries!

Cheska x

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