Hong Kong Diaries (Part 2)

3:22 AM

For our last day in Hong Kong, we decided to go to the happiest place on earth! Disneyland is truly a magical place, because once you step inside, it's as if you leave all your problems behind the gate. The association with childhood characters and movies that I grew up with also gives me a nostalgic feeling, which makes Disneyland a more intimate place than any other theme park.

These pork buns were SO cute it was so so painful to watch my brother eat them :( 

In front of the "It's A Small World" castle. My mom's favourite ride EVER, and I must admit it's pretty nice to chill and look at the cute dolls inside haha.

Since I knew that we were going to do a lot of walking and riding some rides where loose articles can get easily removed, I wore my trusty pair of converse shoes. I also made sure to do a tie knot with my scarf (thanks to my cousin who taught me how) to make sure it doesn't fly off in a ride. And of course, an oversized sweater and jeans = cute and comfortable (in my opinion).

I'm so happy I conquered a lot of rides today. I used to be TERRIFIED of roller coasters and any other "extreme" ride, but I realised how exciting it is to actually ride one! So yes, the adrenaline junkie in me was awakened.

My FAVOURITE ride in Disneyland! Yes, Dumbo the Flying Elephant haha! 

We ended the night with a fireworks show, and it was absolutely beautiful! I also love this mickey mouse shaped ice sculpture that they positioned in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. It just completes the Christmas vibe. And I thought Disneyland couldn't get even more magical!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and that everyone's having a wonderful holiday so far. Merry Christmas guys! :)

Cheska x

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