It Can Only Get Brighter

4:16 AM

Hi guys! I know it's been a while since I've posted, but with all the requirements for school and other stuff, I found it quite difficult to find time to make a high quality post. So I hope this one makes up for all the ones I've failed to make!

I finally found a proper-ish way to use these overalls (+1 for Cheska), because I haven't been able to wear them because I didn't really know how to style it. Who knew that a simple white tank would solve the problem?

I also love how these shoes are super comfy yet ultimately chic at the same time. I also love the colour scheme of black on top, white for the sole. Or maybe I just love anything black and white.

And of course I topped it off with my favourite snapback which I haven't worn in a while! But it was pretty needed for this day, since the sun was quite unforgivable.

Yes, I like casually leaning on rooftop walls.

And YES, my snapback says "#AWESOME" which is how I was feeling for the most part of last week. 

I really had a fun time doing this shoot, mainly because of the wonderful photographer who shot me for the day!! I love how the photos turned out and I just love how I'm learning to be more comfortable in front of the camera and about showing off my taste in fashion.

I named the post like this, because honestly January wasn't that good of a month for me. I'm trying to be positive about February, what with all the upcoming events and other projects that will hopefully push through. So here's to a great February to everyone! I hope you guys liked this post, and stay tuned for more!

Cheska x

(c) Erica Laraya

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