Hong Kong Diaries (Part 1)

5:55 AM

Hey guys! So I spent the first 3 days of my break with my family in Hong Kong. The weather was definitely a break from the hot and humid climate in my country. As you can see, I'm all bundled up in a trench coat, boots, and scarf. The lights were really pretty in this area, and the Christmas vibes were really strong.

I couldn't resist the humongous (it doesn't even fit in the picture!) Christmas tree in the lobby of our hotel. I brought along my trusty blanket/cardigan for the day since I found the trench coat to be a bit too bulky to wear during the city tour. 

I love the background in this shot because of the trees..yes the trees. I have no idea why either. I also decided to bring along my mom's really cute scarf which has really dainty pearls on it. It contrasts well with my maroon corduroy pants!

The view from Victoria's Peak was really nice because you can see the whole scope of the city! Thank god I don't have a fear of heights or else this picture wouldn't have been made possible. 
That's me touching a building.. Aha aha aha. Okay. 

AAAND that's me doing a "dramatic" shot. And oh yeah, please ignore the weird random sticker on my scarf because that is definitely not my name (or is it..).

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the first part of our trip because I got to visit a lot of places that I appreciate more now than 8 year old Cheska did. I also got to spend quality time with my family, and the Christmas vibes were EXTREMELY strong in HK.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you're having a lovely holiday so far! Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Hong Kong Diaries!

Cheska x

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