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4:32 AM

Hi guys! It was another "sweater weather" day today, and I hope it stays like this until the summer break starts! I decided to dig through my drawer full of sweaters I haven't used for a while because the no air-con situation in school prevented me from doing so. I finally settled on this owl sweater that I haven't used for quite a while, and I've had it since 1st year high school. It's a bit bigger than when I bought it back then, but I think I like the fit better this way!

Cheska is wearing a bun (GASP). I've noticed that I've been tying my hair up in a ponytail or a bun a lot for the past few days. In a really weird way I can't explain, it makes my outfit feel more "fall" themed in a way. And since I still do live in a tropical country, I guess the decreased weight of hair on my neck and face balances out the heavier fabrics I've been wearing lately. Basically, put your hair up to be able to wear winter clothes in the Philippines. *clap clap*

I guess another way for me to balance out the thickness of a top is to wear something lighter and shorter for my bottoms. Same thing when I wear heavy bottoms, I tend to wear loose or sleeveless tops.

Man I think I got way too attached to this half-wall thingo. 

I just love how the red shorts give a POP of colour to the neutral palette of the outfit. However, I also like how it doesn't veer too far from the maroon-ish colour of the owl on my sweater.

I am totally IN LOVE with this area, because it gives off a "forest" feeling, that I felt was perfect for the peg of this shoot. 

So I guess i have finally decided that the owl is my spirit animal. Aside from the fact that I'm a night person (hehe), according to my Lit professor, owls are also known to be quiet yet observant. I guess I can honestly say that there is a certain aspect of my personality that reflects this certain trait. Owls are also known to be wise, but I'm not too sure about filing that YET on my list of personality traits, since it is quite too early to tell. Although it is a good trait to have, and I hope to gain it someday.

I started off my school week really great and I can only hope that the rest of the week will get even more better! I have 2 upcoming long tests which happen to be my most hated subjects (you can probably guess what they are).

This might seem a bit random and out of topic, but hey blame it on the owl on my sweater. It's giving me this feeling of sharing something quite personal. Recently, I've learned to slowly let go of something that I have been holding on to for way too long. I knew in my heart that I should've let go a long long time ago, but of course emotions get in the way and that can mar most of your common sense. I put too much time and effort over something that obviously wasn't going to turn out well. Basically, I realised that in the end, it wasn't even worth it at all. It was quite hard to let go of something that you deem as a very important thing to you, but sometimes, it's necessary to take a step back and look at how much you've done, and if you've been doing too much. And when you start to question yourself about whether or not it's worth it, I guess that's a big red flag already. If it makes you more sad than happy, then that's another HUGE red flag. I learned this a bit late, but nevertheless I still learned from it and I'm thankful for that. I've learned to value myself even more after this realization. I also realised how supportive my friends and my mom has been about going through something like this. And I'm glad to say that I'm finally free. I've finally let go, and I'm much happier now.

Whew, that was really unexpected and quite long, but I felt like it was something I wanted to share because someone else might be going through a similar situation. It is a very personal thing, but I feel like it is another avenue for me to connect to my readers in a way.  

On a lighter note, I hope you guys LOVED this blog post! Have a wonderful day everyone :)

Cheska x

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Hot Topic
Shoes: Converse

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