Killin' It

4:33 AM

Hi guys! It can't believe it's already December! Time flies by really fast when you've got a lot of things going on. To be honest, I am getting quite overwhelmed by the workload that I have been receiving lately. It's quite hard to find some "me time" for myself now. However, I find time to chill when I eat dinner with my family. It's basically an unspoken rule that family time is PURELY family time, and I'm very thankful for this period of relaxation that my family provides for me.

As it is December already, it has been less humid in Manila. It's been raining on and off for the past few days, but I LOVE the atmosphere when it rains. It makes me feel more relaxed and ready to whip out my favourite oversized sweater. It's also the perfect weather for a cup of hot tea! Basically everything I love having when I want to relax for a bit.

I have no idea what pose I was trying to go for here, but I LOVE the story behind this. Well I fell off the ledge and tumbled all the way down the mini steps to the garden area. And there just so happened to be a family having a lovely picnic there. Yay for Cheska!

I decided to wear my "Killin' It" shirt and paired it with my light wash denim high waisted shorts. I finished the look off with my navy blue sneakers with white laces that perfectly matched my top! Yay for unplanned match-matchy items.

I CANNOT stress how much I love the merchandise from Seashop. It's an Instagram shop that's easily on my list of faves for online shopping! They have AWESOME quality items at an affordable price, and seriously what more can a teenage girl ask for?

My week started off really GREAT despite the horrifying workload that's starting to pile up. I also find time to destress by blogging and looking at pretty things (ehem tumblr & pinterest). I'm counting down the days til Christmas break, and thankfully, it's not that far. I just hope I can survive until then HAHA!

Anyway, I hope you guys had a lovely weekend and of course an AWESOME week ahead. I also hoped that you guys liked this post, because honestly this is one of my personal favourites. This outfit represents my everyday look perfectly.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to stop by every other day! Or everyday if you want to! HAHA.

Cheska x

Top: Seashop
Shorts: Factorie
Shoes: Primark

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