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Hi guys!! I'm just gonna share a quick post of what I wore recently! I'm starting to hoard sweaters again, since the summer season is coming to an end. However, I still feel like this one matches the season quite a bit, because the colours are so happy and bright! 

When I wear sweaters like this, I usually pair it with a cooler bottom (ex: shorts or leggings). I also paired this sweater with my favourite mirrored sunglasses.

FUN FACT: I've always wanted to have a photo with a pineapple. That is all.

But seriously, I love how pineapples can be used as a prop to give a summer-y feel to a photo. Or probably that's just how I see it, haha!

I'm down to my last few days of vacation before my summer sem officially starts, but I'm not too bothered about it! I had a productive and memorable summer, and I actually feel like I have enough energy to get back to work. I hope everyone's having a greaaat week so far!!

All these photos were taken by Nikki Bonuel! As you can tell, her photography skills are quite on point. As I usually do with people I collaborate with, her link will be posted down below.

That's it for today, and please stay tuned for the next post!!

Cheska x

Top: Shana
Sunglasses: Sunnies Studios
Pineapple: my kitchen

Nikki Bonuel's link:

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