Summer Lovin'

7:09 AM

Hey guys!! Sadly, my last week of vacation is almost over. However, I am quite satisfied with the way that I spent my summer, because I would like to think that I was extremely productive. My last summer-y post also features a festival inspired outfit. 

This pair of sunglasses is probably the one I used the most this summer. I love how it matches all my outfits, plus it gives off a "cool girl" vibe.

For some reason, this shoot has a Haim feel to it. I was just checking out their photoshoot styles the other day, and I stumbled upon their album cover. The sunglasses + grass + a care-free attitude brought that certain kind of feel to this shoot.

Me trying to hold on to summer (HAHA JK).

These shots were AMAZING. The "waterfall" that was used as a background ended up looking like tiny little fairy lights, and it's undeniably pretty to look at! Shoutout to Erica for being an amazing photographer and working her magic (AGAIN).

I also love how this dress is really dramatic and all with the sleeves. It's super comfy, plus the print and the sleeves give off a 70's vibe. I also like how the flowy sleeves remind me of one of Taylor Swift's shots from the Style MV (so much pop culture references in one post!! haha). 

Thank you to everyone who kept up with my posts the whole summer! I hope your Summer 2015 was or will be as great and productive as mine was! Although this post is practically a "goodbye" to my summer, rest assured I'll be continuing on documenting my events throughout the rest of the year. Have a great summer everyone!

Cheska x

Dress: Marshalls
Sunglasses: Sunnies Studios

All photos taken by Erica Laraya.

Erica's link:

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