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Hey guys! Here are some photos from my photoshoot with Nikki Bonuel! As you can see, she's really great at doing her magic, and I love how these photos turned out!

Um yeah that's my shoe closet haha! So basically, I'm wearing a bralette under and high-waisted grid shorts. The fur was a really fun piece to add, and coupled with the glasses, I love how glamorous it can make a simple outfit look. I know wearing heavy outerwear can be quite a challenge in the Philippines, so I would suggest wearing heavy outerwear in air-conditioned places! But if you wanna look glam and can bear the heat, go ahead and wear your fur coat!

We were going for a Nylon-esque look for this shoot, and I'd like to thing we somehow managed to achieve it!

My last 2 days of the week are full of exams and other requirements. I'd like to think I'm coping quite well, considering the fact that I'm not showing symptoms of my usual "Cheska is stressed because of school" mood.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for the next one! Have a great week too!

Cheska x

Bralette: Forever 21
Shorts: Pink Manila
Fur Coverup: Nordstrom
Shoes: huemanila

Nikki's Work: 

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