Secret Garden

5:02 AM

Hey guys! It's been quite a busy week so far, so I'm thankful to have a breather as there isn't much schoolwork to do for tomorrow (YAY!). Today was quite eventful, as I had a really fun photoshoot, and I got to hang out with a lot of people that I haven't got the chance to talk to due to clashing schedules. 

So my friend, Ryanne, wanted to try being my photographer for the day! Props to her for her willingness to learn how to do basic photography, and yay for me because I'm the first person she's experimenting on! Haha. 
I just realised that I use this pose a lot, but I just love it and it never gets old for me! 

It was extremely humid today, and I'm thankful that I chose to wear a loose black tank top with my favourite floral origami shorts! And of course, a cute bandeau under the tank top not only completes the look, but covers up any areas that I wouldn't want to be seen. Props to this bandeau for that!

This photo was taken in one of the beautiful garden areas in my school, and I just LOVE how the photo turned out when I used black and white as a filter.

I've been extremely tired for the past few days, and I'm also going to have an extremely busy weekend. The workload for school is piling up and events for orgs are all happening at the same time. I always make sure to have time for myself everyday, so as not to stress myself out to the point where I pass out (although sometimes I just feel like hibernating for a month).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I hope everyone's having a lovely week so far!

Cheska x

Top: Cotton On
Bandeau: Primark
Shorts: Lefties
Shoes: Payless

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