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Hi guys! As you can see, the setting for this post isn't similar to the ones in my previous posts. I decided to opt for an indoor setting since I got home REALLY late (traffic was extremely bad today), and the lighting outside wasn't suitable for taking photos anymore. So you're about to see some areas of my bedroom and my feet! Yay!! Haha.

As you can see, there's a "polaroid wall" thingy above my bed. I love hanging up my insta photos, and these were taken during 2013. I actually have another cork board that's set up for my 2014 shots, which are on the opposite side of this part of the room. I love looking at them and seeing how much my friends, family, and I have physically changed over the years! It also adds quite a nostalgic vibe, because EVERY single picture on my wall has a story behind it. 

Today was EXTREMELY hot. So I opted for this really light shirt with a hologram printed on it. It's not really clear in these photos, but the text on the shirt says "Pray For ___". This shirt is part of the collection of AMAZlNG shirts I got from the Tumblr Fair!

I've been feeling exhausted (physically and emotionally) for the past few days, but I'm really lucky to have my family & friends to help me out with anything! AAAANNND I'm a huge One Direction fan, so getting their new album today increased my mood by 293430959058993583295%.

 Anyway, I'm really really sorry if the lighting sucks cause it's my first time doing an indoor shoot!! :( I hope everyone still enjoyed this post though! Here's to a great week ahead!

Cheska x

Top: fashionparanoia
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe

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