Flower Power

5:11 AM

Hi guys! We've been experiencing EXTREMELY bipolar weather in Manila. I decided to go for a summery colour palette today, because the weather seemed to be really warm and humid as it was yesterday. The sky started to get dark as I arrived at school, and minutes later, it started drizzling and I guess I can document that as an "I wish I wore sneakers" moment. 

Good thing the sky cleared up and the lighting was (ALMOST) perfect for a shoot. I also went for a swim because it was EXTREMELY hot when the rain stopped (yes yes bipolar weather). 

Although the kimono didn't really provide enough protection for the rain, I'm still glad I brought it cause it somehow protected my arms from the cool wind (yes I get cold VERY easily). 

I'm actually happy that I wore this colour palette, because I am a firm believer that bright things brighten up gloomy days (yay?). Anyway, I've had this pair of shorts for about 6 years already?! It's still cute and comfortable and it obviously still fits me, so I'm happy with this investment. 

I really LOVE the colour and the fit of this tank top. The cut and the feel of the fabric is just perfect, and it's really pleasing to look at. I wore black flats so as to bring a defining factor to the outfit. I topped off my look with a floral crown because I felt like it just suited my palette and the look I was going for (not to mention that flower crowns make me feel extra happy for some reason lol).

The workload right now is unbelievable, but still do-able! I know the semester's going to get more and more busy by the minute, but I'm determined to make it a much better one than last sem!

I'm honestly swamped with a lot of stuff right now, but I always find time to destress, because I honestly CANNOT work for like 12914091 hours straight. I always need at least 30 minutes to just chill and take a break.

The week's ending and I hope everyone's doing well! I also hope that you guys enjoyed this post! Til' next time!

Cheska x

Top: Factorie
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

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