Shake It Off

5:56 AM

Hi guys! So basically, I'm very happy to say that I have experienced a perfectly balanced weekend. I wasn't really stressed out about anything, I got to hang out with friends & family, and I had one whole day to sit back and relax. ONE. WHOLE. DAY. I think it's been such a long time since I got the chance to have the luxury of one whole day to rest. 

This outfit may be considered a little too warm for the Philippines, I mean it basically screams "Cheska's gonna melt into a puddle of velvet and leather!!". However, it was practical to wear something like this since I would be in an air-conditioned place (yes, I get cold easily).

 I always make sure to bring my instax camera for special and not so special occasions (basically ALL the time). And I guess it worked as a perfect accessory for my outfit too, so plus points for this camera!

Since my outfit already consisted of purely black colours, I opted to wear a hat and swipe on a bold red lippie to give a pop of colour to my outfit! Simple changes like this makes the overall look more interesting. 

Please blame my friend (and loyal photographer) for letting me fall in love with this pose!! If you noticed, this is my comfort post for all my blog entries. I just manage to think of different variations I guess! Haha.
I LOVE this polaroid shot because I unintentionally pegged Taylor Swift here and did a 1989.

To be honest, this week started out REALLY bad and I thought it was just gonna be a real downer like the past week was. But the weekend just made up for all the really meh stuff that happened. And it's such a nice feeling to realize how blessed you are to have a wonderful set of family & friends.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and here's to a GREAT week ahead!

Cheska x

Top: Factorie
Shorts: Forever 21
Hat: Harajuku Shopping Strip
Shoes: Skechers

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