White Flower

6:21 AM

Hey guys! I'm happy to say that I ended the week on quite a good note! I decided to drop my the Miriam High School Fair, and I got to grab a lot of goodies for reasonable prices! I also ended up seeing some friends I haven't seen for a while. Although my week was pretty uneventful, today pretty much made up for it!

It was quite chilly today so I decided to bring out my white sweater! I rarely get to wear sweaters in my school since we don't make use of air conditioners (hello free sauna!). 

I decided to wear my white sweater with my black floral origami shorts. Black and white will always be the best colour combination for me. Since I didn't want the outfit to be too plain, I made sure that my bottoms had some kind of print on it. I also brought out my white platform sandals, since it perfectly matched my sweater. 
I have been TERRIBLY obsessed with winged eyeliner lately. Although I'm still not a pro, I can honestly say that I'm getting a LITTLE bit better at it. 

I have no idea what I'm doing here (please blame my photographer haha!). And for most of you, this is probably your first time to see me without glasses on. I'm actually considering getting contacts real soon, since I find that glasses interfere with a lot of my daily activities. 

I hope that everyone's having a good week, and I hope that everyone will have a great weekend! I'm still pretty chill right now, since there aren't much assignments to do yet. However, I am preparing myself because I know that this is just the calm before the storm. So please pray to whatever god you believe in that I survive the second semester (PLEASE!!).

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you want to see what I got from the MC fair and what you think about this outfit in the comments!

Again, all photos were taken by Chynna Lim!

Cheska x

Top: Cotton On
Sweater: Topshop
Shorts: Lefties
Shoes: huemanila

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